Engine Preheater 230V 1800w Universal with IP68 connection cable and temperature control unit


New product

1x Engine Preheater
1x temp control unit process and setting value on display
1x connection cable with schuko plug 150cm
2x connection cable IP68 150cm
2x hose spouts 19mm

Technische Daten:

voltage: 220V-250V~ / 50Hz
power: 1800W
temperature control: adjustable / max 80°
pump capacity: 10L/min
pressure height: 80cm
lenght of the connection cable: 150cm+150cm - IP68
diameter connecting pieces = 19mm
weight: 640g

dimensions: 80x80mm without connecting pieces

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In Production

257,00 € tax incl.

1.3 kg

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • fuel savings
  • wear reduction
  • new and ready for installation
  • quality product

Fuel efficiency by shortening the warm-up phase of the engine
Significant reduction of cold start wear
Reducing wear of the vehicle battery
Temperature control adjustable / display of actual temperature
Adjustable temperature threshold
Alarm if the temperature is too high or too low
Alarm on sensor interruption
Integrated pump and heater
The preheating should be reached in about 30 minutes - depending on engine type and outside temperature

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