Adj A2710503347 A2710503447 M271 EVO


New product

timing chain kit
for Mercedes M271 EVO

2x camshaft adjuster
1x timing chain tooth chain open with lock 142 links
1x chain Simplex oilpump open with lock 106 links
1x clamping rail
1x Slide rail on cylinder head
1x Slide rail on camshaft bearing housing
1x chain tesnsioner
1x crankshaft gear

OE-Nr. A2710503347 = NWV inlet
OE-Nr. A2710503447 = NWV outlet
OE-Nr. A0009931078
OE-Nr. A0009932076
OE-Nr. A2710500116
OE-Nr. A2710521516
OE-Nr. A2710521616
OE-Nr. A2710500911
OE-Nr. A2710521903

OE-Nr. A2710502347 - OE-Nr. A2710502447
OE-Nr. A2710502747 - OE-Nr. A2710502847
OE-Nr. A2710502947 - OE-Nr. A2710503047
OE-Nr. A2710502547 - OE-Nr. A2710502647
OE-Nr. A2710501400 - OE-Nr. A2710501500

OE numbers are only for comparative purposes

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  • OEM quality
  • Long lifetime
  • Short delivery time
  • quality product

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